Trap Range

Hours of Operation

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
 Trap 8a-4p  Closed Closed Closed  Closed  Closed Closed

Not Open on Holidays

Tracer, incendiary, exploder or armor piercing type ammunition is prohibited

The trap range at Koko Head is operated by the Honolulu Clay Target Association. Target fees are $5.75 for a round of trap (25 targets).


Trap is a very fast paced sport keeping interest levels high. Shooters are grouped into 5 man squads. The first “post” engages a target then the second then the thrid. After the 5th shoots, then it’s post 1 again. After 5 shots, the squad rotates 1 position clockwise moving the man on post 5 to station 1. The front line is 16 yards from the trap house. During trap tournaments, shooters are “handicapped” as far back as 27 yards. There is 1 trap machine in the trap house which “oscillates” back and forth and pauses. Hence the shooter never knows what angle the trap bird is coming out at. As the shooters moves around the field, the angle changes from left to right.

Range Regulations & Rules

  • Safety is Always FIRST. Breach Open!
  • The Range Officer has full authorization to open and close the range to all shooters
  • When “Cease Fire” is announced, all weapons will be immediately cleared, grounded, and pointing downrange with actions open
  • A maximum of one (1) shell may be loaded when on the firing line and ready to fire except when shooting Doubles, a maximum of two (2) shells may be loaded when on the firing line and ready to fire
  • No shooting at materials (i.e. soda cans, etc.) other than clay targets or patterning sheets
  • No shooting of any wildlife at any time
  • Hearing and Eye protection while on the firing line is MANDATORY
  • No unsupervised children near the firing line at anytime. (A shoter is NOT a supervisor!)
  • No magnum loads or loads with shot size larger than 7 1/2

What to bring

  • Shotgun transported according to State law in good mechanical condition
  • Ammunition that matches the firearm
  • Eye and ear protection