Archery Range

The Archery Range is maintained by the City and County of Honolulu, Department of Parks and Recreation

This is not a manned range.  Shooters must police themselves

Bring your own target faces – bales provided up to 90m

Hours of Operation

Open Daily from Dawn to Dusk


1. Archery range hours of use: Daylight hours only, no shooting before dawn or after dusk
2. No firearms and no crossbows permitted.
3. Only target or field point arrows allowed.
4. Area behind targets must be clear of persons before shooting.
5. All archers must shoot from the same shooting line.  No staggered shooting is allowed.  If archers present want to shoot at different shooting line distances, archers must alternate shooting lines allowing 30 minutes at each shooting line
6. Shoot at target in your shooting lane only
7. No more than one archer is shooting; each archer is limited to 6 arrows
8. When arrow is strung on bow it must be pointed towards the ground or towards the target.  The arrow should never be pointed above the target or beyond either side of the target.  When arrow is on the bow it should never be pointed up.
9. When any person is observed in front of the target or in back of the target, all archers are to stop shooting.
10. All archers must retrieve arrows at the same time.  Make sure that all archers have ceased shooting before attempting to retrieve arrows.
11. When other archer/s are present, limit searching for stray arrows to 5 minutes
12. Archers must not string arrow on bow until all archers have returned to the shooting line.
13. When archers are not on shooting line and waiting to get on shooting line, they must not string arrow on bow at any time.
14. Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult.
15. The archery range is for archery only.  Other activities are prohibited.
16. No animals are allowed in the archery area.
17. No drinking of alcoholic beverages.
18. Place all trash in trashcans.
19. Archers will be held liable for any injury they cause to any persons.
20. Exercise caution and courtesy.  Obey all range rules for the safety of the public and other archers.

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