The Koko Head Shooting Complex

The Koko Head Shooting Complex is the ONLY public shooting range on the island of Oahu. The complex is comprised of six (6) individual ranges:

  • 100 yard rifle range with metal gongs at 100 yards
  • 25 and 50 yard bullseye pistol range
  • 200 meter Handgun Metallic Silhouette range
  • Open area combat range
  • 2 American Skeet fields
  • 1 American Trap field

These ranges are on the floor of an extinct volcanic crater and everyone shoots away from the center using the walls of the crater as a backstop. There is ample free parking and even a picnic area. It is the place where you may bring your own rifles, pistols and shotguns to target shoot. You must provide your own firearm and ammunition. No rentals are provided or made available. IT IS OPEN TO THE PUBLIC. The rifle range and bullseye pistol range are no charge to use and you must provide all of your own equipment. The other facilities are club run and a nominal fee is necessary for targets. Here also, you must provide your own firearms and ammunition.

The complex hosts a variety of shooting activities. Informal target shooting can be done on the rifle, pistol and handgun metallic silhouette ranges.  You may practice shotgun skills on the skeet and trap ranges.   Assorted club hosted formal shoots include:

  • .22 Prone Rifle
  • 2700 Handgun
  • Handgun Metallic Silhouette
  • American Skeet
  • American Trap
  • IPSC Action Pistol
  • Cowboy Action Shooting